Bahoruco, formerly known as Baoruco, is one of 31 provinces in the Dominican Republic. The province of Bahoruco is located in the southwest of the country and borders the provinces of Independencia, Barahona and San Juan. The Sierra de Neiba and Lago Enriquillo are located in the province.

Features of the Bahoruco Region


Neiba is a small town located to the east of the salt lake. Interesting is the fusion of Dominican and Haitian beliefs. Every year, during Easter week, the Gagá are danced. The cult combines elements of voodoo, spirituality and Christianity.

Landscape and people

The people live from agriculture and raise goats and cows. Plantains and a little wine are grown in this barren area. On the way to Lago Enriquillo, the drive leads partly through impressive tree-lined avenues and typical Dominican villages.
The road from Neiba to La Descubierta, the starting point for the visit of the national park Lago Enriquillo, leads along the Sierra de Neiba on the north side and the salt lake on the south side. Cacti and banana plantations alternate. Dried up rivers, bare fields, cacti. Only now and then an irrigation canal - and that at 40 degrees in the shade: Desert-like, another world that one would not have thought possible in the Caribbean.

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